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Family Quiz Show presented by Jennifer Zamparelli but there’s a twist – only one player will be present in the TV studio, while their family remain at home – beamed in on a giant screen and called upon […]

Crash Scene Investigates


A four-part series exploring real-life stories of car crashes in Ireland, the circumstances that led to them and the long-term repercussions they caused.

Treaty Live

David McCullagh and Sinéad O’Carroll present a programme imagining how modern TV might have reported the Dáil’s vote on the Anglo-Irish Treaty on January 7, 1922.

State of Flux


State Of Flux breathes dramatic new life into the arguments presented in the Anglo Irish Debates a century ago.  This was the most important conversation in Irish history, and its fallout has defined our political landscape ever since.

After three years of violence and conflict, these were the words that fought for Irish freedom. A cliffhanger vote would decide […]

Future Island


Across three consecutive nights, FUTURE ISLAND curates Ireland’s most exciting and inspirational stories and voices into a family-friendly celebration of our nation’s experts and innovators.

A second series was broadcast in 2021, exploring more voices in the world of science and how they are shaping our future.

The Boys In Green


The Boys In Green tells the story of the greatest period in the history of Irish football, as the achievements of Jack Charlton’s team put Irish football firmly on the global map.

From 1986 to 1995, the team that Jack built inspired unparalleled scenes of joy in the country and laid the foundation stones for Irish […]

Children Of The Troubles


In Children of the Troubles, Joe Duffy explores the lives and tragic deaths of the children who were killed during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Over several decades, the violence in Northern Ireland claimed the lives of thousands of people of all ages, among them babies, young sports stars and teenagers just starting their first jobs.

The […]

Trial of the Century

‘Trial of the Century’ is an imagined, alternative history which grants Pádraig Pearse the trial he never received in life.

The hypothetical trial serves as a device to examine the many arguments that have been made for and against the rising over the last 100 years and also the many differing and contradictory things that have […]

The Man Who Wanted To Fly


‘The Man Who Wanted To Fly’ is a feature documentary which tells the irresistible story of 80-something bachelor farmer Bobby Coote. He left school at 13 and says his reading and writing isn’t great. Bobby fixes clocks and spends a lot of time in his back shed making violins from old furniture.

But he’s never lost […]

Election ’18

David McCullagh and Sinéad O’Carroll present coverage of the momentous 32-county general election, which took place 100 years ago.

By using the contemporary grammar of a pulsating election results programme, these historic events will leap from the dry page into an imaginative and innovative screen format.

Broadcast 100 years on from the 1918 election, Election ’18 will […]

Growing Up Live

Science has always strived to understand the riddles of the universe around us, but the biggest mystery of all lies under our nose and under our skin. Understanding human bodies and their transformations across our lifetime has fascinated scientists, medics and bio-engineers for centuries. GROWING UP LIVE supported by Science Foundation Ireland as part of […]

Life After The Rising


Life After The Rising is a social history, exploring ordinary lives in extraordinary times. The vast majority of Irish citizens one hundred years ago were not preoccupied with the struggle for independence. They were not heroes dying for Ireland – simply citizens living in Ireland.



JAYO is a portrait of the life and career of GAA star Jason Sherlock. From experiencing racial abuse on the playing fields of his youth and starring for the Dubs in 1995 to travelling to South Africa to find out about his father’s life and murder, this journey of self-discovery blends seamlessly with evocative archive […]

Sunday Best – 40 Years Of The Sunday Game


For 40 years, The Sunday Game has recorded the events and evolution of Gaelic Games and reflected the mood of the nation, creating countless controversies and water-cooler moments for Monday mornings. With the modern era of social media empowering the audience to have their say, The Sunday Game remains a weekly talking point in Irish […]