All Ireland Day: The Hurling Final


The All Ireland hurling final is a sporting occasion unlike any other. It takes narratives of Irish history, folklore and culture and plays them out in Croke Park in front of the world. It’s a day when the people of Ireland come together regardless of county colours, where the shared occasion becomes as important as […]

All Ireland Day


Each year, wherever green is worn, Irish people gather on the third Sunday in September for a real celebration of sport. Kitchen radios and sitting room televisions across the world tune into events in Croke Park regardless of county allegiance. It’s not only a day for the two finalists, it’s a day for all to […]

Rugby’s Wheelchair Challenge


Rugby’s Wheelchair Challenge asks some of Ireland’s top rugby players to sit into a wheelchair and experience first-hand the everyday experiences, frustrations and challenges of being physically disabled in Ireland.

Four rugby heroes will be asked to make their way from Dublin’s Aviva Stadium to Limerick’s Thomand Park while confined to a wheelchair. Irish vice-captain Jamie […]

The Sound Barrier


Filmed over nine months, The Sound Barrier follows a number of people who have made the decision to receive a cochlear implant and captures their individual remarkable journeys from silence to sound.

The ability to hear is something that most people take for granted. While for some deafness is a cherished identity, for others it’s a […]

Guess Who’s Dead


Ardal O’Hanlon travels Ireland trying to figure out what is behind our national obsession with death notices and going to funerals.

Ireland has an obsession with death notices: in the newspaper, on local radio, or online. It’s a uniquely ingrained cultural hunger for the bare facts of a death – a social roadmap for our public […]

The Festivals


Horse-racing runs deep in the Irish psyche. It’s a sport. An industry. A way of life. But it’s also an excuse for fun, and fashion, and for communities to celebrate themselves, especially during the big annual festivals. In this series, we look at four such festivals: each a local showcase and a milestone in the […]

Thank GAA It’s Friday

Thank GAA It’s Friday is your one and only complete weekly GAA package; containing characters, games, fascinating stories and communities both at home and abroad. Running for three summers on RTÉ One, you can be sure the best stories our native games have to offer will be on show.